A permanent resident card is a green card that allows non-US citizens to live permanently and legally in the United States. For many people from outside the US who wants to visit the US for their job, study, business, refuge, or any other purpose, this card will allow them to work and legally live anywhere in the US. The main advantage for the person with this card is that after two or three years of getting this card, he can qualify for US citizenship. After getting US citizenship, the immigrant can stay in the United States as long as he wants.

USCIS green card processing time:

Processing time for USCIS green card is defined as the number of days or months USCIS takes to work on an application, petition, or request after submission. There are different processing times for various application forms for the green card. The processing time is usually based on the applicant’s location, situation, staffing allocation, and workload in USCIS‘s office. The processing times for different forms related to green cards are following:

  • The form I-130 (Petition for alien relative) takes a processing time of 9.8 to 10 months.
  • The form I-485 (Adjustment of status application) usually takes a processing time of 10.2 months to 2 years.
  • Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization Document) takes a processing time of 3.2 to 4.3 months.
  •  The form I-90(application to replace or renew a green card) takes a processing time between 5.5 to 13.5 months for the replacement of green cards and 1.5 months to a year for renewals of a green card.
  • Form I-129(petition for non-immigrant workers) takes a processing time of 2.9 months.
  • The form I-129F (petition for an alien fiancé (e)) takes a processing time of about 11.2 months.
  • The form I-131(application for travel document) can take ten months to several years to process.