Immigration medical exam:

The medical examination is essential to apply for the green card process, known as an immigration medical exam. This test shows whether the person is eligible for permanent citizenship. Due to health issues, the U.S. embassy cancels your green card application. Civil and qualified surgeons conduct the medical test. The panel physicians perform medical exams in U.S. embassies for the applicants who are applying outside the U.S. They check the applicant’s identification, eligibility, and medical exam result. Immigration medical exams involve the following things: 

  • Physical examination of the applicant.
  • Check the medical history of the applicant.
  • Determine the immunization and vaccination records of the applicant.
  • Accumulation of drugs and alcohol in the applicant.
  • Different lab tests are done, such as chest X-rays, blood pressure, blood tests, syphilis, urine tests, and tuberculosis blood tests,  

Once the medical examination is completed, the results of the following tests are given to the applicant in a sealed envelope. Don’t try to open the sealed envelope; ensure to submit it directly to the U.S. immigration office.

Immigration medical exam cost:

There are different costs of immigration medical tests. It depends on the country from where it is done and the doctor who does it. If you select a qualified and famous doctor, he will charge more. Try to consult different doctors and find out their immigration medical costs. After that, select a budget-friendly but experienced doctor. Try to arrive before or at a time for the interview and medical examination. Mostly the price varies from 100 dollars to more than 400 dollars. The immigration medical exam prices also vary from age to age. Payment of the medical exam is made on the day of the appointment. All the tests are done in your one visit to the doctor. Based on age, the detail of medical exam prices is as follows;

  • Age 1-14: The medical exam price for children between one and fourteen years is $140.
  • Age 15-74: The medical exam price for fifteen to seventy-four years is $170.
  • Age 75+: Moreover, the medical exam price for those above seventy-five is $235.
  • Additional cost for other tests: The doctor charges additional prices for specific tests like urine tests, blood tests, X-rays, etc.
    • Additional 10 dollars for the urine tests.
    • Additional 50 dollars for the blood tests.
    • Additional 45 dollars for chest X-rays above the age of eleven.

Preparations for medical exam test: 

  • Bring your vaccination card to avoid revisiting the doctor and the additional test costs. 
  • Bring your childhood vaccination card with you. 
  • Do not fast before the medical exam test. 
  • Drink a lot of water before your medical test. 
  • Bring your ID card, passport, and driving license with you.

Vaccination prices for medical exam tests:

  • The vaccination price of Tdap is seventy dollars.
  • The price of MMR vaccination is one hundred and twenty dollars.
  • The price of a flu vaccination is approximately thirty dollars.
  • The price for a Varicella vaccination is two hundred dollars.
  • The price for a Hepatitis B vaccination is eighty dollars.

 Warning signs of immigration fake doctors: 

  • If any doctor advertises that they will charge a small or flat amount for all medical exam tests, including urine tests, blood tests, tuberculosis tests, and vaccination status is a fake immigration doctor.
  • If the doctor needs your original documents, then he can be a fake doctor (only).
  • Immigration fake doctors do not perform several different medical examination tests. Try to consult qualified surgeons who can fill your form correctly.
  • Civil surgeons perform the medical exam test in one to two days; if blood and urine tests are also done, they will give you complete results in 4 to 5 days. But if the doctor completes your paperwork faster than 4 to 5 days, it might be a fake report. 

Cost of Green Card:

The cost of a green card depends on the stage of the application process. It depends on the fee for petitions, forms, and other administrative fees. To get a permanent green card, your petition must be approved by U.S. Citizenship and services. The petition should be applied by your close family members like parents, child, husband, fiancé, or siblings. The petitioner can pay the petition fee on behalf of the applicant to the USCIS services. The petition is not processed until the fee is paid. Prices for the petition are as follows:

  • A k-3 visa is for spouse petition, which costs $160. 
  • 1-29 petition is for fiancé, which costs approximately $535.
  • 1-30 form is for the relative petition, which costs approximately $535.
  • Form DS-260 costs approximately $325.
  • Form DS-117 costs $205.

Other than the petition forms fee, you will pay the following fee during the process of green card application:

  • USCIS immigrant fee is paid if your visa is improved. The fee for USCIS is $220,  produced by those who are permanently moved to the U.S.
  •  DOL labor certificate fee is paid for the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 visas. This certificate proves that the company made an effort to hire qualified employees. During this process, the company pays different fees related to the cost of hiring, document filling test, and advertisement of jobs.
  • If you apply for the Diversity Visa, you will pay a fee for the lottery, which costs approximately $330.

Cost of K1 Visa:

The K-1 visa is for a fiancé, which allows the engaged partner to become a permanent U.S. Citizenship until the couple gets married. The fee for getting a K-1 visa varies from $800 to $2025. After arriving in the United States, an adjustment of status form is required to transfer the k-1 visa to a permanent green card. This cost does not include the medical examination test. 

Immigration lawyer cost:

Each lawyer has their fee structure methods. Some of them don’t charge a consultation fee in the initial visit/session, or some charge for it. The initial consultation fee structure ranges from $100 to $400. Try to get the best price deal without compromising on the quality. The fee structure of an immigration lawyer for one hour is approximately $150 to $300.