N-565 form is used to apply for a replacement of a Naturalization certificate, citizenship certificate, repatriation certificate, or declaration of intention. This form is used to apply for the special naturalization certificate that is acknowledged as a U.S citizen from a foreign country. A person can file the N-565 form to USCIS through the mail (paper) or online. For online filling out the N-565 form, a person should first create an online account. In addition, he pays his fees through an online account, checks his case status, receives notifications and updates, responds to requests, and manages his contact information. After filing his online application, the person must mail his photographs and original certificates to a Nebraska center. 

Who can file the N-565 form?

A person may file an N-565 form and obtain the replaced citizenship document in some instances, which may include:

  • If a naturalization certificate, declaration of intention, repatriation certificate, or citizenship certificate has been stolen, lost, or destroyed.   
  • In case the naturalization certificate, declaration of intention, repatriation certificate, or citizenship certificate has a clerical or typographical error done by USCIS. 
  • If a person’s name has changed from a court or by marriage since the last time his document has been issued. 
  • When the person has received his citizenship certificate, he obtained the government-issued documents or the court notice that changed his date of birth. Therefore, he wants a citizenship certificate with his exact date of birth. 
  • If a person has been issued a naturalization certificate or a citizenship certificate and his change of gender has been recognized from the medical certificate, court order, and state-issued document.
  • A person is a naturalized citizen looking to be acknowledged as a U.S citizen from a foreign country.

Generally, USCIS does not change a person’s name without proof, such as a court order, marriage certificate, or divorce decree. USCIS does not change the date of birth on a citizenship certificate without the required documents.  

Documents for an N-565 form:

The required documents for the N-565 form depend upon the reasoning for applying. These are the necessary general documents, such as

  • Filing fee
  • Two passport-sized pictures
  • Original certificate

Cost for an N-565 form:

The fee for filing the N-565 form is $555, which is non-refundable. A person requires submitting the total cost in an exact amount through money order, personal check, or cashier’s check. 

Form filing guidelines:

USCIS gives forms from a USCIS website without any cost. The eligibility requirements, form fees, mailing addresses, and required documents can differ depending upon the filing form. These are some tips that provide help in filing the accurate form, such as

  • Signature: Always remember to sign the form. The unsigned forms have been rejected and returned by the USCIS; the USCIS may not accept the typewritten name and stamped instead of a signature. 
  • Filing fee: Every application has been accompanied by the appropriate filing fee. The incomplete fee forms have been rejected. 
  • Evidence: The person should complete the form correctly. He requires submitting all the supporting documents and evidence.
  • Avoid submitting highlighted documentation using correction fluid, tape, or highlighters. The scanners cannot read the documents properly that are highlighted, greyed out, and corrected using tape or correction fluid. Always use black ink to write the answers by hand. 
  • Unnecessary documents: Avoid submitting unnecessary documentation. 
  • Biometric services appointment: USCIS requires a photograph, signatures, and fingerprints to verify a person’s identity, conducts security checks such as criminal records, and acquires additional information. USCIS informs people about biometric services appointments after receiving and checking the application. 
  • Readable photocopies: A person requires submitting legible photocopies of required documents. Avoid submitting the original documentation unless it’s necessary. USCIS can require the original document during application processing, form filing, request, or petition. USCIS returns the original documents to a person after processing the application. 
  • English translations: When a person submits the required documentation written in a foreign language, it is necessary to submit their English translation. A translator must sign on the certificates that the translation is accurate and complete. Furthermore, the contact information of the translator is compulsory for the certification. For example, a translator’s signature, his printed name, and a date. 
  • Filling out the N-565 form: A person should always use blank ink to type and print the form. If a person requires additional space, he can attach the separate paper by printing his name and alien registration number (if having) on it to complete the application, including the part number, item number, and page number with the date and sign-in for each paper. 
  • Photographs: The person must submit two recently taken passport-sized pictures to file the N-565 form. The photos for a form should have a white background and be printed on thin paper. A person should print his name with a pencil on the back side of the picture. 
  • Incomplete document: If a person is applying for the replacement of an incorrect document due to clerical or typographical errors from USCIS, he should also attach a false copy and complete the application. 
  • Required documents: If a person’s name has changed from a court or by marriage, he should submit the certified copy of the marriage certificate, an original document by USCIS, a court order copy, or an amended passport that recognizes the name change and complete the form. Similarly, when a person is applying for a citizenship certificate because of a change in his date of birth, he should submit a government-issued document, an original document by USCIS, or a copy of a court order displaying a change in date of birth. On the other side, if a person is applying to replace a document due to gender change, he should submit the original document from USCIS and copies of the medical certificate, court order, or state issued-document showing the gender change. Furthermore, suppose a person is applying for a special naturalization certificate to get recognition as a U.S citizen from a foreign country. In that case, he should attach a copy of his naturalization certificate. 

The processing time of N-565:

After filling out the N-565 form, USCIS checks all the required documents, responds to a person through e-mail, and provides a receipt notice to confirm the application. The processing time of the N-565 form is approximately 5-8 months.